Video and Motion Graphics

Ideas in motion

Ideas are always in motion so wouldn’t your design be?
It’s time to take advantage of the online video revolution!

Video content is a key element of online marketing, with services like Vimeo and YouTube delivering high quality content to a vast audience. Short animations and video can keep viewers engaged while conveying information using multiple senses together, creating a more powerful user experience. Search engines intelligently catalogue video content on your website to boost rankings of relevant material.

Video Creation is easier than ever!

Once upon a time, creating videos required large budgets, lots of time and expensive editing studios. Today, with the advent of powerful desktop video and CG capabilities, high-quality video can be created at a fraction of the cost. Contact me to discuss how we can help boost your business!

Showreel of video editing and motion graphics

A short showreel of video editing and motion graphics work.

Looping background videos

These videos are designed for use behind projected words e.g. worship songs in church environments. They can be downloaded from my Vimeo page.

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